For more than 40 years, everything we produce is made with care and precision, and our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation means that you can access the most advanced technologies our industry has to offer.

Production Facilities & Capabilities

Gearing towards Automation 4.0, Knobs has embarked on quality process innovation from increasing automation capabilities such as bar-coding and robotics technology to investing in highly skilled Japanese specialist to undertake operational transformation to the next century.

Our main production area is equipped with 35 units of injection moulding machines of various sizes, ranging from 40 tonnes to 360 tonnes clamping pressures. These machines are predominantly manufactured in Japan and Germany which is capable of double color injection moulding.

With a highly flexible range of machines, Knobs has the capabilities to produce millions per annum of particular components up to about 500mm length and weights up to 500gms.
. Today, Knobs can manufacture around the clock using highly skilled and experienced technicians. The company uses a variety of shift patterns to ensure the flexibility to turn round fast track orders and allow a large output of components.

Value Added Services

Finishes, Sub-Assebly & Tooling Management

Knobs has the expertise, flexibility and facilities to add the finishing touches to your product, including trimming, ultrasonic welding, testing, machining, multi-component assembly, and packaging ready for point-of-sale.

At Knobs, tooling management is about more than tool making. We can support you throughout the entire production process, adding value every step of the way. By working with Knobs from the concept development stage, we can ensure that the design and composition of your moulds are optimal. From there, we find the right toolmaker for the job, and support you through the manufacturing, testing, modification, and approval processes.

And our input doesn’t end with the delivery of your mould – we can also help with maintenance needs and scheduling to make sure that you get the most from investment.



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