About us

Incorporated in 1982, Knobs Sdn Bhd is a 100% locally owned company with over 40 years of experiences in the plastic industries specializes in precision molding. Over the years we have established ourselves to be more dependable as a quality precision moulder solution provider meeting the highest demand of the various industries from electronics, electrical, automotives to medical industries.
40 Years Experience

Company Mission

Our business philosophy and commitment is about providing a valued added quality solution by

  1. Quality Excellence
  2. Delivery On Time
  3. Customer Satisfaction

To excel to be a market leader in the plastic precision business with the minimum price!!

Management Policy

KNOBS SDN BHD as a manufacturer of Precision Plastic Injection Custom Moulded Component, recognize that our operation may result in waste generation, consumption of energy, water, environmental waste, electricity wastage and water. Thus, it is our aim to reduce environmental impact (EMS) through implementation of an Integrated Management System (IMS). Including chemicals (CMS) that are used in the manufacturing of parts and chemicals used in cleaning. As such, the said CMS will also adhered to all requirement including RoHS, REACH and any other stated customer requirement.

The company Integrated Management System conforms to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 control of usage of environment wastage and ISO 14001:2015. KNOBS is committed ,protection of environment and strives on pollution control towards prevention through continual improvement in our Integrated Management System.

It is the established policy of KNOBS SDN BHD to provide quality products and services, which consistently meet the needs of our customers requirement; and comply with environmental legislation and other applicable requirements. KNOBS S/B consistently ensure its Quality Management System (QMS) and Environment Management System (EMS) and Chemical Management System (CMS) are up to date and of its highest quality.

The company recognizes that the development of its employees and the support from them is the most important factor for achieving its objective of consistent product quality and ultimately, customer satisfaction; compliance to environmental rules and regulation and enhancement of environmental performance and chemical requirement limit. Commitment to this policy involves almost every aspect of the company’s business and its employees. The objectives of this policy are achieved through daily monitoring of work carried out. Implementation of the systems documented in the Management Manual, Management Procedures and Work Instructions and other quality and environmental related documents.

The Management Policy and its relevant Management Objectives are established and reviewed in the Management Review Meeting. The results will be communicated and understood of any short of achievement – review in the next MR. Throughout all levels of our organization for continual improvement, its effectiveness and suitability in achieving the aims of this policy.

Quality Policy

Customer Satisfaction Through Our Maximum Excellence in Part Quality with Continual Improvement and Green Environment.

The Latest in Hi-Tech

Starting with just one machine, Knobs operations today cover a work area of 25,000 sq ft and equipped with the latest in hi-tech equipment which include the following:

  • 35 units of injection moulding machines ranging from 40 tonnes to 360 tonnes clamping pressures.
  • 25 tons to 140 tons equipment with robotic and conveyors.
  • Fully automatic operations include measuring instruments from pin gauges of 0.5mm up till camera click accuracy.

Q-Control All the Way

To ensure that customers’ requirements are tailored to their exact specifications, quality control tests are undertaken hourly. This subscribes effectively to the assurance that every product leaving the factory is of the highest quality and will excel when put to the test. Knobs high standards of quality control have not gone unnoticed. To date, Knobs have picked up three awards consecutively since1977 for its high standard precision quality. The ISO 9001 will further testify to its commitment to quality control.

Beyond Malaysian Waters

Although Knobs’ name or logo are never found in homes or market places, Nevertheless the products of the multinationals we support are found inmost parts of the world and used widely. Most of the renowned brands that rely on us for precision plastic moulded parts for their products are extensively used in America, Europe and Japan.


Starting off with just 3 clients, Knobs has today a growing number of multinationals as our clients. Most are household names and their products used the world over.

Backed with 40 years of expertise, we have carved our niche specifically in serving a majority of our Japanese multinationals clientele with unparalleled stringent quality and precision requirements.

Looking for a Leading Manufacturer of Precision Plastic Moulded Parts?

Precision Our Forte

Many a company have established themselves through quality products while some have relied on their service. While most fall into this category, few others have made a name for themselves through hi-tech precision moulding. This is where KNOBS Sdn Bhd has established itself and made a name in various industries.

In establishing itself in the various industries it services, one of the methods Knobs subscribes to is the auto measure measuring scope method which is used to measure the exact dimension of parts. This leaves no stones unturned when it comes to precise measurements.

The many items manufactured by KNOBS include parts for cameras, relays, audio and video components, electrical and electronic components, bar code and hand labeling equipment.

In addition to the manufacturing of precision plastic moulded parts, Knobs has proven itself to be a reliable OEM manufacturer.

Our People Our Strength

To accommodate the specific requirements of clients, Knobs operates in three shifts round-the-clock. To complement the efficiency Knobs is known for and ensure the smooth running of day to day operations, Knobs operates with 4 departments: Human Resource, Production, Production Planning and Quality Assurance. Each working closely together and all working towards a common goal- the production of quality precision products and client’s total satisfaction.



Knobs Sendirian Berhad
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